Gooruze: a user review

Where Sphinn allowed online marketers to connect, Gooruze allows them to exchange. I wrote about Gooruze a few days after it opened, saying that I would try it. I did. And I’m pretty satisfied so far.

There’s 3 things that I value on this social platform:

  1. Some of the top online marketers are active on the network and open to share opinions and ideas with others.
  2. The homepage is a mini-feed of the whole network’s activity, keeping you updated on the members’ latest moves as soon as you step in the network.
  3. I’m amazed to have found people interested in my group that talks about Fb groups for more blog power.

I’m looking forward to multiply conversations with other members, and reach my professional objectives thanks in part to the knowledge generated through sharing ideas with like-minded people on Gooruze.

One Reply to “Gooruze: a user review”

  1. Hey Thanks for the Gooruze review.
    It’s great to see you in the Gooruze community.
    I just signed up to your facebook group by the way ­čśë

    Gooruze Co-Founder

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