HyveUp spinning off

I started Hyve Up as I was working as an intern for Venus Software Corporation. I had come up with the idea of interviewing ceos and founders of web 2.0 companies to appeal to their curiosity and get a few seconds of their attention span to talk about the company I was working for.

Even though that was a smart approach, I didn’t realize that my communication tool was not in sync with the company’s marketing efforts. Many reasons lie behind this lack of alignment between marketing and communications (can’t help thinking about Meatball Sundae as I write these lines).

However, as of the first day of the year 2008, Hyve Up spun off from Venus to become an independent entity. My business will evolve around videos: I will continue to invite ceos and founders of web 2.0 companies for audiovisual interviews (contact me if interested). I’m going to invest more heavily on video production assets to provide more than just video interviews. I will keep you updated.

Nevertheless, I want Hyve Up to stay focused on web 2.0 (not be too video-specific). I am presently working with a genius programmer who’s setting up an exciting database to gather informations about the web 2.0 industry. This database will include the video interviews I make of founders and ceos of web 2.0 companies. However, there will be an original twist to it worth following.

The posts on this blog will now take part in the 2.0-related discussions as well as everything Web-video related. Moreover, I’ll give out personal tips and tricks about the Web business I’m setting up. I simply hope this content will attract readers and give ideas to most of them.

I truly believe I have something original to share, and as the discussion right now is about the forecoming 2008 web trends, I’m convinced that video will be a keypoint in the socialization of the Web.

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