Seesmic invite received

I woke up this morning with an invite from Loic Le Meur to try Seesmic out.

First I really like the name for a startup located on the San Andreas fault. On the feature side of things, Seesmic is still pretty limited. A lifestream on the left sidebar, twitter-like socialization following system, a plugin to post your videos on Twitter, video capture from webcam, Youtube, or Camtasia, and your url not hyperlinked.

As soon as I stepped in, I asked other users what grand things one could do with Seesmic. Here is the answer of djuggler, writer of the blog

Probably that Seesmic is more than just a knowledge-sharing platform, and I am curious to see how it could be used for marketing purposes (I’m not talking spamming the site, but pure one-to-few marketing).

In the meantime, here’s a discussion between snake girl and pirates of the Caribbean about hats – btw it’s in French, there’s a lot of Frenchitude on this site too:

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