HyveUp – Manoj Bist – Blogbard

Thanks to feeds, I get to subscribe to all the content I want online. As soon as I like the way a blogger writes, or because I like the company he works for, then Bing! I slurp the feed into my reader. It’s so convenient that I tend to repeat this process a little bit too much. And obviously, there comes a time when all those subscriptions become a pain to follow and manage.

Last week, I met and interviewed Manoj Bist from Blogbard. Blogbard is a service that lets you listen to your feeds in the most simple manner.

blogbard dashboard

You get your feeds in the left sidebar. The player is in the middle to control the audio play. There’s a text version of your feed in case you need to double check something. And just like a Youtube video, you can embed the code or copy the url to share this content on some other platform.

The features are really basic right now. But turning text into audio is definitely a solution that suits the problem of feeds overload. Blogbard is definitely a startup to keep our eyes on.

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