Shrink Down Your Grocery Budget With

Yesterday, I wrote about price comparison engines and how they work. Today, I would like to introduce Smartshopit in the conversation. Smartshopit launched a few weeks ago, and got a bit of coverage in Webware. The idea of Smartshopit is to offer a place for every day shoppers to find the goods they usually buy, but cheaper.


On the site, simply enter your grocery shopping list, along with the prices you usually pay. Smartshopit processes that info and suggests:

  1. All the stores where you will get the cheapest price for each items of your list.
  2. The one store where you will get the best price/product compromise.

Trent Wong, the Founder and CEO of Smartshopit, has quite a few development ideas for its product: Create groups around shopping lists (such as parents buying snacks for the soccer team), a mobile feature that compares prices while you shop, solutions for DIY home improvements, or a system for pickup orders. is still in the making. There are a few glitches on the site, and the crowd has not yet settled in. What you want to do on Smartshopit so far is submit your shopping list, and see if the price comparison engine serves you up interesting money-saving tips. For its early development stage, Smartshopit’s reach is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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