Automatic Link Posting… Adding value?

automatic link posting

I enjoyed reading this post written by Martin Belam from about posting delicious links automatically to your blog. The writer gives 10 useful bookmarking tips to create compelling link pages. I don’t quite use the same method to automate link posting. Delicious’ problem is the lack of choice on the posting frequency: It’s daily, period. We can find a more flexible solution through Delicious’ API, but for non-developers, the auto-posting tool sucks (with all due respect to the Delicious development team).

In the end, what is the value of posting links? Today, it’s easier to share through social networks, RSS readers and Twitter. Delicious’ links are nofollow on your blog, so you’re not even sending some juice around. The only appeal that remains is that – through automatic link posting – you can generate an infinite load of content effortlessly. This makes me wonder: Can you really add value to automatic link posting?

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