Bringing The Wonders Of Thanksgiving On Twitter

turkey twitter thanksgiving

On this day of Thanksgiving, the team from Epic Change wanted to put the giving back in Thanksgiving. For this purpose, Tweetsgiving was created to leverage the Twitter community and generate donations to build a new classroom for a school in Tanzania.
Amazingly, in less than 48 hrs, the team managed to accumulate $10,000 in donations, all from Twitter peeps.

Tweetsgiving also leveraged the power of widget to make the donations easy. The widget below is powered by ChipIn!, a Web-based service that simplifies the process of collecting money from groups of people.

If you want to contribute to the cause, donate through this widget (no, it’s not an affiliate program), tweet about it, or simply write a blog post about Tweetsgiving’s cause and embed this widget in your post.

Nice job, Tweetsgiving team! (@StaceyMonk, @MeshugAvi, @VincentHunt, @theKBuzz and @PRsarahevans)

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