tweeting in utero
There is a lot of talk around Twitter and its becoming. Everybody has an opinion (I do too), but I tend to dislike those that start from the principle that our behaviors are shaping around the way Twitter works. Twitter
I have never been a fan of Tweetdeck because setting it up is too long compared to the simplicity Twitter has to offer. Overall, I didn’t find it to be a very user-friendly experience. If only I had seen this
smart twitter
I just read an interesting article about Twitter, and how it affects our daily communications habits. New to the Download Squad Team, Saul Colt, « Head of magic » at Freshbooks, wrote a funny first post on the DS blog, explaining how
Tweetlater is a service to schedule tweets. At least, that’s the feature that got the team started. Today, Through Tweetlater, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, get a Twitter Search like service, get a digest of @yous in your email
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