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When it comes to searching for a simple video converter for your various video editing needs, the variety of clunky home-made converters that we find online makes the job more difficult than it should be. If all you are trying to do is switch a short video from one format to another, than Any Video Converter is your friend. It takes a few minutes to download and install the software, and a few seconds to use it. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you will figure out right away how to use it.

any video converter

Any Video Converter is free. A paid option exists if you want the software to export the videos automatically to a portable device after converting it. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can also grab video from Youtube. With the paid feature, it becomes pretty cool to browse videos on Youtube, and save on your iPod the stuff you want to watch on the go. They should have a Firefox plug-in!

Some comments on the download page say that the conversion speed is slow. I didn’t think so, but I guess if I were converting a batch of videos all at once, I would think differently.

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