@Iwearyourshirt: $57,670 yearly revenue!


There’s a guy on Twitter who’s starting to get a little buzz around his idea: Jason is selling his t-shirts as an advertising space. Interested advertisers can buy one day of Jason wearing a t-shirt with their name printed on it. This idea sounds vaguely similar to Girl In Your Shirt, but as Jennifer Van Grove observes:

Something tells me that both entrepreneurs will do just fine. Given our economy, there’s a huge opportunity for startups and small businesses to reach a broad audience at a super cheap price.

The pricing is simple and works as follows: On the first of January (2009), it will cost you $1 to get your name printed on Jason’s t-shirt. Everyday, one dollar is added to the price, to finish at $365 on the 31st of December (2009).

At the end of 2009, if Jason sells all of his ad spaces, he will have make a net revenue $57,670. Not too bad for a simple idea!

That Jason wears the shirt is one thing, but how will Jason generate exposure for the brands on his t-shirt?

That’s the secret sauce in this whole deal. I don’t want any particular day to outweigh another, which is why my exact daily schedule isn’t on the iwearyourshirt calendar. Regardless of where I am in the world, you can expect a bunch of photos, some video clips, Facebook updates and of course a twitter/blog post. (from Iampaddy.com)

This project also sounds very familiar to the million dollar homepage, where each pixel of the page was for sale. If the operation is a success, there will probably be a lot of copycats aiming for that $57,670 per year for just wearing a different t-shirt every day, but I am sure that Thought+Theory, Jason’s creative agency will start offering marketing services around this idea. Izea is probably keeping a close eye on this project.

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