The New Web 2.0 Lingo

web 20 lingo

Twitter makes it obvious that, where the number of interactions is growing, the terms we use to interact are also shrinking: The often-heard about less is more is in action. The Web 1.0 lingo was about abbreviations like lol, lmao, wtf and so on, shared on forums or through instant messaging services.

In the Web 2.0 world, social networks are syndicated through services such as Friendfeed, conversation items are less than 140 characters, we shorten urls, we @ people, from desktop clients to mobile apps. I monitor and interact with all my social networks through gtalk. It seriously boosts my productivity.

Anyhow, for messages outgoing my gtalk, I need to specify to which network I am sending it to. Hence the new Web 2.0 lingo:

@fb: post to Facebook
@tt: post to Twitter
@roomname: post to a romm on Friendfeed like
N: liked a given entry …

The same goes on Gmail for managing emails:
g: go to label
N: create and apply label
U: update the current conversation … Google Reader also has its shortcuts to boost productivity. Thanks to this new lingo, it is possible to manage hundreds, maybe thousands of contacts from one place, in a very organized fashion.

So do you talk the Web 2.0 lingo?

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