Embed Tweets


Bloggers are increasingly referring to Twitter discussions to bring up ideas on their blogs. Linking to a specific tweet is one option, but the other is to embed the tweet in the blog post. See it as the next generation of blockquotes.

If you are interested in embedding people’s tweets in your posts, head over to Tweetpaste. Its simple interface will ask you the URL of the tweet you wish to embed, and next thing you know, you have a code to paste in your post.

The downside is that the widget Tweetpaste gives you is an iframe, therefore it is not re-sizable. The width is 500px, and it doesn’t fit this blog for example.

The other thing you need to know before seeing Tweetpaste bug for no reason is that in the URL of your tweet, you need to add ‘es’ at the end of ‘status’: http://twitter.com/sermoconsulting/statuses/1022982661.

Have fun!

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