Twitpay, Tweet A Dollar Or Two


I was really curious to take a look at Twitpay, a service that pretends to enable micro-payments over Twitter. As soon as I got a minute, I visited the site to try it out.

Even after reading all the content from all the pages of the Website, I am still not quite sure of how it works. The user interface is dead simple, so I tried. I sent $10.00 to @hyveup (another of my Twitter accounts) for good work!


And that’s about it. At no point was I asked to give $10, and I wasn’t warned about picking it up, except in my replies tab. There’s one thing that’s in the making right now. Anybody who has a Twitter account has a Twitpay account. If you go to, you see the amounts you have sent and received:

twitpay dashboard

The service plans to charge 0.05$ on every amount transferred through their service that’s higher than 1 dollar. On the FAQ page, there are all the questions on how Twitpay works.

What happens when I Twitpay somebody? Your Twitpay account will be debited and the recipient’s Twitpay account will be credited. If the amount is a dollar or more, Twitpay will also charge you a nickel.

How do I fund my Twitpay account? We’ve just got this party started and are working on methods of buying in as time goes on.

So basically, the service is not up-and-running yet, but it is a good idea to start asking ourselves how money could be tweeted effectively.

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