3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter: 2. Twittad


After briefly explaining what Be A Magpie was all about, it is now the turn of Twittad. Where Be A Magpie inserted advertised tweets directly in your stream, Twittad will place ads on your twitter background.

The way it works is fairly simple:

First, upon sign up, the system evaluates the monetary value of your Twitter account per month (using whatsyourtweetworth.com):

Once you know how much you are worth, you set the price for your background:


And now you sit and wait for an advertiser to drop by, check your profile out, and maybe buy your background if interested.

So how much money can you make with Twittad? Certainly not a ton. However, as you can see on the homepage, Twitterers like Twittertips sold a 7-day background for $20. This means you could probably aim for $80 a month, or about $1,000 a year. That’s not a lot compared to the number of hours put into Twitter on a yearly basis.

If you are a blogger, and you got your blog marketing going on well, than this might actually be a nice little addition to your revenue-generation model. I signed up a few days ago, and not a single advertiser nudged me yet. I kind of overpriced my background, so I’m not extremely surprised by this silence. It’s a self-esteem issue: advertisers can’t buy me!

The next post will talk about what I think is the best ad network on Twitter right now. I am actively using it (and will tell you how I use it), and the seamless integration of the ads is just brilliant.

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