Twittertise, Craigslist For Twitter


The big question with the growing social network Twitter is: how can you make money with Twitter? (or how can Twitter save me money?) Advertising sounds like the best fit solution for this. Twittertise is not a tool to generate ad dollars through Twitter. Twittertise is a tool for advertisers (or brands) already present and active on Twitter through personal profiles. Twittertise enables them to schedule tweets (can be a tweet about a limited promotion), and track the effectiveness of the tweet (ie click-through rate). The video below is pretty self-explanatory.

In this train of thought, I feel like Twittertise is more of a classifieds system for Twitter: You post an ad that offers to connect around a specific type of item. No purchase of advertising space is required, so it is hard to call this advertising. However, the scheduling option – that we already see in Tweetlater – mixed with the tracking option – that we already see in – is a powerful combination that could find a lot of merit. Twittertise is owned and operated by Thursday LLC. Their Website was down when I visited it, so I don’t know what’s the story about the team.

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