3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter: 3. Adjix


Previously, I covered on this blog how Be A Magpie and Twittad works. It is now time to talk about what I believe is the best ad network on Twitter so far.

Adjix‘s core activity is shortened urls. Visitors can go to the Website to shorten their urls the same way they would with Tinyurl. Visitors can also sign up to the network to become ‘linkers’. Once enrolled, all you have to do is keep tweeting the way you do, except that you must use the adjix.com url shrinker.

Every time someone clicks on an adjix link from your Twitter stream, they are re-directed to the original url, except that Adjix will insert on top of that page a text ad. You generate money out of this ad:

adjix topbar

That, to my opinion, is the best ad model that exists on Twitter today. Nothing pollutes your stream, the url re-directs to the place you want to share, and the ad on top of the page could very well belong to the owner of the site visited. Chapeau!

But that’s not it. Adjix offers a multitude of ways to easily share links to Twitter: Adjix2Twitter, saving bookmarklet, One-click bookmarklet, or two-clicks bookmarklet if you also want to pair your Adjix url with a specific ad category.

To my opinion, the best way to use Adjix is through Twitterfeed. If I go in my feed settings, Twitterfeed lets me choose which url shortening service I wish to use. Adjix is part of that list. Click on it, and it will request your partner ID that you can grab on the Adjix Website after sign up.

adjix twitterfeed

Once you’ve set that up, you’re ready to go. Every time Twitterfeed tweets a feed for you, you make click-money.

Two downsides are to be taken into consideration: Revenues are rather small (I think Adjix works on a CPM basis – Twittad will probably generate more money for that matter). The team should consider displaying Amazon ads instead. The other weakness of the system is that Adjix doesn’t magically display ads on anybody’s Website (that’s Glue’s business). When you click an Adjix url, you are actually redirected to an adjix landing page that shows you the content of the site through an iframe. It’s the detail that makes Adjix not perfect.

I find Adjix to be perfectly aligned with Twitter’s philosophy. The ad isn’t obtrusive, doesn’t appear in people’s stream, and there are multiple ways to utilize the url shortner. I’ll write a post on the last day of December to tell you how much I’ve earned from Adjix in a month. You’re welcomed to try it and share your results (let me know through Twitter if you do so).

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