Tweetlater Feeds: Get The Tweet Out!


Tweetlater is a service to schedule tweets. At least, that’s the feature that got the team started. Today, Through Tweetlater, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, get a Twitter Search like service, get a digest of @yous in your email inbox, and create sub-feeds of your stream feed.

I very recently discovered the feeds on Tweetlater, and found the concept pretty smart.

Explanation: When using Tweetlater to schedule tweets, you also get a feed of the tweets you scheduled. This feed is available to you in RSS 2.0, XML and javascript. I find this service brilliant for two reasons:

  1. If you are a brand (like Starbucks0 using Twitter, your stream is a non-stop chit-chat session that doesn’t have much value outside of the social network’s walls. With Tweetlater, you don’t forget to publish those messages, and better yet, you can re-blog those announcements, put them in a site sidebar, on a social network… This way, your promotional messages can travel outside of Twitter, and they promote your Twitter profile in return.
  2. All Tweetlater users get one feed for free. If you would like more sub-feeds from your Twitter profile (any professional using Twitter could be interested), then you pay 10 bucks a month for each additional feed.

I find 10 dollars to be a little expensive for a feed. But I love to see yet another business model that evolves around the way Twitter works: the advantage of 140 characters is that the format fits all platforms. Therefore, it somehow makes sense to imagine all your communications departing from Twitter. Tweetlater is taking advantage of this situation, by offering businesses more distribution flexibility.

Twittertise, what do you have to say to that?

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