Interview 2.0: Snappr’s Sexy Barcodes – Interview With Philip Stehlik

Snappr is about barcodes… Not very sexy you would think. Well, in the case of Snappr, think again. Snappr made it excessively easy to create barcodes for all kinds of purposes.

You can create a barcode that will display your business card info:

snappr 1

You can also create a barcode that will redirect people to the social network profile of your choice:

snappr 2

For pure marketing purposes, you can also create a small ad with the code. Once they snap the code, interested leads will be re-directed to a page that contains all the info you wish them to see:

snappr 3

You can virtually make the barcode link to any kind of content: Picture, music, text, anything. Additionally, the design of the barcodes is fully customizable, in case you do not like the one by default. To download the app for the iPhone, click here.

Snappr was developped by BayBrain, a software company that focuses on mobile marketing and computing, social networking, mobile discovery and content delivery. is the youngest child of the development company. Sooner this month, Snappr announced a partnership with Saazé, an advertising company that provides dynamic digital screens solutions. Snappr creates a bridge between the dynamic billboards and people’s mobile phones, something that very much looks like the future of offline advertising.

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