Twittergadget is so close!


I am already using services that syndicate my Twitter activity in my gmail. However, it is kind of a geeky set up, and when I heard about Twittergadget, I thought this would be the perfect solution for my clients who hire me because they are NOT geeks.

So I did what I every geek does, I tested it.

To start Twittergadget, you need to have access to gmail labs, and enable ‘Add a Gadget by URL’. That’s really the only geeky part there is to it. All the installation info is detailed on the Twittergadget homepage.

The application is very complete: it gives access to your stream, replies, DMs, all. They also made it easy to reply to someone by simply clicking on his/her handle.

Twittergadget’s main inconvenience, as you can see above, is its size. Too small. Also, it doesn’t sit on top of the sidebar’s tabs, so scrolling down to view this tiny Twitter window is no time saver.

However, the application is really close to kicking ass. I sent a feedback to the team saying that I would love to pop Twittergadget up the same way I can pop up gtalk discussion windows. This way, when I feel like interfacing with the Twitter community, I just pop Twittergadget up, and keep browsing the Web with the Twitter window on the side.

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