Babies Tweet In Utero

tweeting in utero

There is a lot of talk around Twitter and its becoming. Everybody has an opinion (I do too), but I tend to dislike those that start from the principle that our behaviors are shaping around the way Twitter works. Twitter is slowly reaching its debuts in mainstream expansion, for the simple reason that Twitter has the potential to adapt to our multiplicity of behaviors.

Digg is for news, Facebook is for friends, Delicious is for bookmarks, Youtube is for videos, Friendfeed is for online activities… Twitter encompasses all those needs and many more. The creativity that a 140 characters can spark is just astonishing. Whatever you do in life, Twitter can help: family, friends, work, shopping, news, personal finances, plant monitoring, online activities, pay, business…

The latest I found on the subject is Kickbee, in utero baby’s communications. The object sending signals to Twitter is a belt wrapped around a pregnant woman’s belly, that detects the baby’s kicks and relay them on a Twitter stream.

This very much looks like a prototype, but the technology is obviously not complex, and it could appear seamlessly in a very fashionable top for expecting mothers. To follow the first twittering baby, go here.

This project was developed by ‘crackhead‘, aka Corey Mensher, a Student @ NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program. His product could potentially be marketed to families of expecting women: Any member of the family who chooses to could follow the baby’s kicks on Twitter. The downside is that obviously sometimes the mom does or have to take the piece of cloth off, so the tweets can’t be constant.

Well Corey, I have one question for you: How would you handle it if the tweets just definitely stop being emitted? The risk of a product that monitors our own body activities is that our health becomes a public stream. And the psychological damages could be critical…


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