Report Twitter Spam Script

spam twitter

Before launching phishing scams, Web pirates are merely spammers. Everyday I get alerts of a new spammer following my updates on Twitter.

The first problem that lets spammers grow on Twitter is the automatic follow back feature that third party service providers offer. If I am a spammer, I’ll just follow say 10,000 Twitterers, and I know that probably 1% of them automatically follow back. Hence a crowd of 100 followers that provide me credibility and trustworthiness to keep growing.

However, my point is that if we could easily report spammers on Twitter, we might have not experienced the phishing scams and hacks we experienced this past week end.

Hence the Twitter spam report Greasemonkey script that adds a “report spam” link at the bottom of every Twitter profile. Simple, easy, useful, I expect Twitter to integrate this one in no time, but early adopter spirit obliged.

Warning! Not advised with the endless tweets script, or you’ll be chasing the link for ever ­čÖé

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