Demandbase Bridges The Gap Between Traffic Generation And Direct Marketing

Demandbase provides a B2B solution that helps marketers and salespeople identify who visits their company’s Website, and offer tools to get in touch with those visitors. Last week, Demandbase announced the launch of a new product on its powerful B2B demand generation platform: Demandbase professional.

Before Demandbase Professional, users could download the Demandbase Stream widget for free and access Demandbase’s pay-per-contact shop. The widget (desktop widget and free to install) shows who visits your site in real time (location, company, company size, etc…). To purchase the contact info of a visitor, Demandbase takes you to its Flex Website where purchasing leads is a simple drag’n’drop operation.

With the new Demandbase Professional, the Stream widget’s live content is now stored and accessible on a spreadsheet. Through the Demandbase’s interface, this traffic data can be viewed through charts, graphs, and a daily digest can be sent to your email. To access Demandbase Professional, marketers pay a price that is in range with the size of their traffic.

Demandbase is the only company out there that will identify your Website’s traffic and pair that info with a world-class database of professional contacts. Thanks to its Flex design, entering search criteria and browsing through the database of contacts doesn’t require some strong Web expertise: the interface is very intuitive, very easy to master.

If you are a company that invests some time and money in attracting visitors to your site, Demandbase is officially a missing component in your lead generation strategy. The Web is clearing up, any IP’s source is traceable (well almost), so you can’t keep telling your boss that you generated 50,000 unidentified visitors this month. Instead, tell him that the Vice-President of a given targeted company took a look at your company’s Website, that he was contacted about this visit and pleasantly surprised by the marketing efficiency your company is showing, and that he scheduled a meeting for the first week of March.

Disclosure: Demandbase hired me to produce the video above

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