Productivity Tip: Save Your Gmail Filters

These past two days, we’ve heard a lot about two new features in the Gmail Lab: The Picasa, Youtube, Yelp and Flickr previews in your email body, and the undo sent email. Both are nice, but I really don’t see why these news climbed all the way up Techmeme’s headlines.

There is one feature that went live about two weeks ago and that I find way more important than the two above: The import/export filters feature. As I mentioned in a previous post, filters are a great way to turn your Gmail inbox into your social media cockpit. For example, in my gmail account, I have about 30 filters, and this is far from being enough!

gmail filters import-export

The same way that it is good to have a Foxmarks account to make sure that your Firefox experience never disappoints you, it’s a good call to also export your filters once in a while. Whatever the reason, you could need to open a new Gmail account, and resetting dozens of filters can be painful in this situation.

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