Twittergadget: Twitter From Within Gmail

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Steve Rubel makes a good point about the Twittergadget for Gmail, the gmail app that works like a Thwirl in your inbox (kinda). I remember testing the app when it first came out a couple month ago. The main inconvenience was its size and its lack of functionality.

Well it seems that since December, the product has matured into something exciting enough for the Micro Persuasion blogger to talk about it with an enthusiast tone on his blog.

While I won’t bother paraphrasing his post, and would invite you to read the full article instead, here are the main new features that make Twittergadget more attractive then ever before:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrated Twitter search
  • Label Twittergadget in gmail and open it with a keyboard command.

Steve Rubel always blogs about stuff we know, but he somehow always brings it a step farther. Web magnifier indeed!

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