Gizapage Brings All Social Profiles In One Spot – Interview With Amit Jaipuria, Founder

Starting today, you can try a new tool in the online social networking ecosystem that will hopefully boost our social productivity. Gizapage is a social networks manager that aggregates all of your social profiles into one. Just link to your Gizapage url, and your visitors will be offered to connect with you on the network of their choice, all from within Gizapage (yes, the url is customizable).


The benefits of aggregating your social profiles are two-fold:

  1. It creates richer networking opportunities,
  2. It is a personal dashboard that helps you monitor your own profiles.

Above is my interview with Amit Jaipuria, Founder of Gizapage.

Gizapage comes at a time when social networks are battling to turn your profile into your online ID card. Gizapage has an edge in this ecosystem since it also enables you to manage the profiles you are showing, making it easier to monitor and display your online identities.

The idea has merits. Where Friendfeed takes content away from its sources and doesn’t really send it back, Gizapage enables users to keep updated versions of their online IDs. Each profiles appears in a frame withheld in a tab. It sounds like a fair deal to send traffic to social networks through frames, but this model holds a lot of limits (like mobile access), despite being the cornerstone of Gizapage’s originality. Users can do things through the frames that are impossible to do through a well-regulated API for example.

If you want to give Gizapage a try, click here.

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