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Date : 2009/05/22 Catégorie : Twitter

Power Up Your Twitter With Friendfeed

friendfeed twitter

Twitter is on a roll, no doubt about that. A mass of newcomers is signing up, ready to try the service that gets so much buzz. Twitter is easy to sign up. On the other end, answering the question « what are you doing? » is a bit confusing when someone never had this kind of relationship before with a machine.

The best solution I have found to share more on Twitter is the Friendfeed-to-Twitter publishing feature. With this activated, you don’t just bookmark a page on delicious, you let your followers know what you are reading. You don’t just drop a comment with Disqus, you’re letting others know what discussions you are in right now:

  • Yelp: what you’re eating

  • Youtube: what you’re watching<
  • Blogger: what you’re writing
  • Facebook: who you’re talking with

This trick to tweet more often is not new. The advantage with Friendfeed is its close-to-real-time communication with Twitter. 2 things are not that cool: the url-shortening service is, aka friendfeed’s, and I think the look of it all over your Twitter stream makes it look a bit like a big spam. Also, not all services fully opened up their API to other partner, meaning it will sometime take a while for a review on Yelp to appear on your Twitter stream for example.