Top Professional Screencasts, SEM twist – Screencast Pro

UPDATE: I do not do screencasts anymore.

I am in the screencast business. Quite frankly, this space is really small. You would think from the outside that there is a high demand for video tutorials, but it is not exactly the case: A lot of companies want to have video tutorials on their Website, but no one wants to pay for it. Unlike buying ads, optimizing a site’s meta content, or hiring community managers, screencasts don’t make a dime back: They sit there, visitors watch them eventually, but at the end of the day, there is no measurable metric that will show you how your screencasts are effectively helping you reach your objectives.

Screencast Pro

Enters Screencast Pro, the screencasts with a SEM twist. You will like Screencast Pro for two reasons:

  1. Screencasts are animated to make the viewing experience more entertaining.
  2. Screencast Pro uses video SEO best practices to make screencasts show up on Google search results.

I wrote about how Youtube and Google share data to fine-tune the universal search algo. For businesses, making a video tutorial active on Google search means saving money by getting clicks from the video.

For example, here is the number of views you get from Google Search in two months from one video:

youtube screencastpro autoRT gsearchviews

67 clicks came from search. On a basis that a click costs a dollar, I would have already saved $67 on an Adwords campaign with this video. Over a year, I save $400 to $500 (conveniently, that is the cost of one video). In addition, the links attached to the video description are 1 click away from SERPs. Those links generate a 0.01 CTR. Undeniably, Screencast Pro’s screencasts are eligible SEM tools.

Those numbers are no mind-blowers, but they show how screencasts shouldn’t just be video files that sit around a Website. Unleash your media files, make them public, optimize their meta data, generate views, let the natural wisdom of search engines promote them, and start cutting back on your Adwords budget.