How-to Update Your Facebook Page with Your Blog’s RSS Feed Automatically

facebook automate

I recently started to re-focus my attention on the marketing potential of Facebook, and created a Fan Page for my blog to experiment with the features of a Page. What stroke me right away is that using your RSS feed to update your Facebook Page is not that easy to do. There are probably a dozen ways to do this, but here is the one way I adopted, and I can’t complain about it:

First you will need to create a profile for your blog on NetworkedBlogs. NetworkedBlogs is THE application to hook your blog to Facebook and have access to cool features. I actually created the HyveUp’s profile on NetworkedBlogs quite a while ago when the application was still called Blog Networks.

One of the new nifty features of NetworkedBlogs is the automatic blog-to-Page functionality:

networkedblogs hyveup page

Once you click on the “Pages” link on the top right, it will take you to a page where, out of the list of the blogs you follow on NetworkedBlogs, you will check your blog in the column ‘Publish to wall and show on tab’.

networkedblogs publish parameters

Once you did that, make sure to scroll down the page (if you have a long list of blogs you are following), grant permission to the NetworkedBlogs application to access your page, and save.

You are now good to go. A first update on your page will appear saying something like ‘Importing blog feed using NetworkedBlogs’. Give it an hour or two, and next time you publish a blog post, it will automatically update your Facebook page!

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