Stweet: Streetview + Twitter = Augmented Reality?

There is a crap-load of location-centric Twitter apps! All that they do usually is open a window withholding a tweet above the location on a map where the tweet was sent. The experience is fun 5 seconds, and then you yawn. A few minutes ago, I discovered the most beautiful way Twitter has ever been integrated to a map: Stweet.

What Stweet does is take a tweet, spot where it was tweeted from, captures a Streetview image of that location, and integrates the tweet and the image in a simple interface that I find extremely poetic:

Stweet capture1

Stweet capture2

The only downside is that Stweet doesn’t offer any specific features to interact with fellow 140 chars talkers. Here is one suggestion that would make Stweet really dope:

Since Streetview lets you ‘walk around’ neighborhoods, it would be awesome if I could walk around my neighborhood in Streetview and view the tweets that were posted in the area. I don’t think I could get tired of that, because it would be like spying on my neighbors from my window.

Stweet already have +15 cities available for stweeting, and I truly hope that the team will bring this project to the next level. Who knows, maybe they will be the first to bring Twitter to an augmented reality…

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