Behind A Twitter Bot Is A Human Bot

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Since I wrote a piece on how to create an auto-retweet Twitter bot, on a daily basis, I receive emails from people who fail to create their own and ask for help. The problem is that I am not a developer at all, so I am unable to identify their problems. Actually, I don’ really care if some people are not skilled enough to spam Twitter even more, I wrote a post AND I did a screencast on how to go about it, so my free contribution to the spamosphere stops there.

However, some people come to me as if I was the guru of auto-retweet bots, and beg for my help. At first, I actually tried to help, but when my help wouldn’t work, people would get pissed at me for not living up to some promise I never made, as if I sold them something at some point. So I just stopped helping. Today, someone wrote to me, and I think I never saw someone going this far in treating me like a customer service of some sort.

Here is the email (the typos came with it):

Hi my name is ### I watched your video on the twitter bot I spent the last hour trying create it but something went wrong and what seemed to turn up on your page didn’t on mine but I bet you get a lot of questions but this one is very important and it would really help if you could help me.

can I ask you to do this for me please it would really help-i tried to link the pipe from twitter search on for “WWE” I did it and it didn’t work. so can you please please do it for me can I trust you thank and please help me.

yahoo email address: ###
password: ###
twitter username: ###
twitter password: ###

please make me a pipe and I can’t offer you money but I will subscribe to you and suggest you to all my friends thank you.

First I am not a human bot for creating Twitter bots.

Second, I can’t believe this idiot is sharing his Yahoo and Twitter credentials with someone he doesn’t know, and who he treats like a servant. I am not a bad person so I won’t use his info for malicious purposes, unless someone suggests a really funny idea in the comments!

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