TwitteRadar: Top Twitter Blog In France


Since I moved back to Paris, I have been actively working on connecting with the French tech crowd, a move vital for my business. Along the way, I met the author/owner of TwitteRadar, a French blog that covers everything about Twitter. We met for lunch, and almost right away we decided to cooperate on the redaction of TwitteRadar.

TwitteRadar was launched in March 2009, so just a few months ago. However, it took off pretty fast, and its unusual growth is due to Twitter’s slow debuts in France. The writing team is composed of the owner (aka Seoadsenseman), me, and GusiRonfle, a young upcoming blogger in the French tech blogosphere.

TwitteRadar covers everything about Twitter from news, applications, users and oddities. As part of the editorial team, I will mostly cover the plethora of Twitter apps that populate its API. Also, if time is on my side, I will go a little deeper and try to provide a status update on Twitter’s progression in France.

Of course, this is all in French. But for all of you who wish to learn French, but can’t quit the geek reads, try TwitteRadar!

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