Youtube Says Farewell To Link-to-Blog Feature

youtube settings blogsetup stop

The “link to blog” feature will be taken down soon (picture above). Here is the explanation from the Youtube team:

We routinely review the usage of YouTube features in order to make sure we’re focusing our engineering effort on the most popular and used aspects of the site. If a feature has low community usage, we may choose to retire the feature in favor of focusing on other more popular features.

We will soon be retiring the ability to add and link to a blog from your YouTube Account.

It seems that between the possibility to embed videos, and the option to autoshare your activity on other social networks, the link to blog feature has become totally obsolete. I am not really surprised: This soon-gone feature was convenient for easy blog-posting, but there was no way to control the title or tags of the published post, so in other words, this feature sucked, and it won’t be missed. Youtube also needs to remove the clutter on its settings page, so it’s two birds in one shot for the video company.

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