Google Spreadsheets: 10 best reasons to start using it!

I guess I talk in the name of a new generation when I say that I use Google spreadsheet instead of Microsoft Excel. To tell you the truth, I hardly ever used Excel. I don’t even know if I’m good with it.

What I do know is that I just finished v1 of my social media marketing project management collection of sheets. Thanks to Google’s cloud-based =IMPORTRANGE formula, you can link data across sheets in an infinite number of ways. From the day I knew about this formula, I decided to get started with Google spreadsheets.

Google spreadsheets unbeatable selling points compared to Excel:

  1. Collaboration: cloud-based collaboration tools are awesome. To add someone to a project, create a new sheet with cells dedicated to incoming data and cells dedicated to outgoing data.
  2. Import any web content: beyond importing data from just any other Google spreadsheet, you can import data from any web page (=IMPORTDATA), RSS feed (=IMPORTFEED)…
  3. Share your project with the whole web through a widget, share the public link to your spreadsheet, and even share only one sheet out of the whole doc and protect the other ones.
  4. Access from anywhere, anytime, use offline.
  5. Leverage g docs’ folder system to organize your docs in the most flexible ways, and utilize the folder sharing function to share bundles of docs.
  6. Download your spreadsheet in any of the commonly-known formats.
  7. Through Google oauth, explore new ways to use your spreadsheets through third-party applications.
  8. Ahab: Ahab is a Google spreadsheets expert, one that understands how Google spreadsheets work and who gets very creative (from my point of view) when you need a hack around any kind of trouble you may stumble upon in your g sheet adventures. To this day, Ahab contributed more than 13,000 times in the Google spreadsheet help forum. Without the brain of that guy, I would have never used Google spreadsheets.
  9. Improvements to the Google spreadsheets from the development team are by far more frequent.
  10. The limits to Google spreadsheets (shown below through the screen captures) are actually a driver for cloud-based data management innovation. The system has a few limits, but so many possibilities to explore!
googledocs limit importrange
At this time, spreadsheets in Google Docs only support up to 50 ImportRange functions in a single spreadsheet.
googledocs unable calculate formulas
The formulas on this sheet could not be calculated. Try removing some formulas or making the formulas less complex.

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