Send RSS feed on Facebook groups with Networkedblogs

This week, I had to go on Facebook (I don’t hang on Facebook) to switch some settings in Networkedblogs. Every time I come back to a Web service after a long time of detachment, I look around for new goodies in the settings and such. Here, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few new options that definitely add some value to Networkedblogs.

First off, as you can see above, Networkedblogs now provides a feature to autopost your blog’s feed (or any other feed I guess) to your Facebook groups. I’ll have to admit at this point that I have not paid attention to my Facebook group for a good two years. I just gave it up because the features of a Facebook group at the time were just plain lame, and Facebook pages came along a few months later, so there was no point in playing with groups again. Now, thanks to Networkedblogs, in 10 seconds, you’ll be feeding your group again.

As you can tell on the screenshot, you can also autopost your RSS items to Twitter automatically through Networdkedblogs. I don’t see why you would prefer the use of Networkedblogs’ Twitter autopost feature over another Twitter autopost service provider, but I guess blogging-related apps such as Networkedblogs must have that Twitter autopost feature nowadays.

All those new features can be found in the “Syndication” tab of your Networdkedblogs account.

networkedblogs remove bar

There’s another new goodie in Networkedblogs: It’s now possible to hide the Networkedblogs bar when visitors click on your link through Facebook. If you select this option, visitors clicking on your link through Facebook will land directly on the destination page, instead of seeing it through Networkedblogs’ iframe that has a toolbar on top. A little while back, adding the Networkedblogs bar added value to the experience because the bar brought some Facebook plugs (comment, like, share,…) directly on the landing page. Since Facebook has released so many tools for site owners, it has become very common to find those same features directly on the landing page. Hence the need to remove this redundant bar.

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