A good combination of SMM and SEO to flood a SERP

My day-time job consists of flooding the first page of Google on very specific keywords. I got hired for the job because I know a lot about social networks and their impact on search engines: My mission is to utilize the most performing Web 2.0 tools (blogs, social profiles, media sharing, social bookmarking, RSS optimization) to create a strong presence on a person’s name (we deal with a very specific problematic). The challenge when creating dozens of blogs and social profiles on the fly is feeding those accounts with relevant content, because this is the only way your sites will go up the charts on the targeted SERP.

My first idea (that I applied for a few months) was to make the whole network of sites Twitter-centric: I created an automated/semi-automated Twitter account with a customized RSS feed, and then I would autopost that Twitter feed on blogs such as WordPress/Posterous/Tumblr, but visitors to those blogs could not see the re-published tweets. This strategy has a lot of merits, but for many reasons, it was not satisfying, and it failed to provide conclusive results on the non-US targeted SERPs. So this week I moved on to another strategy.

While I can’t go into too much details about this strategy because it’s paying my rent right now, I’ll share a few tips on how I go about it.

  1. You need a tool that enables you to publish content on all the different kinds of blogging platforms you will be targeting.
  2. For the SEO/SMM part, create in your RSS reader a list of feeds from a community online that targets the same keyword.
  3. Create a status update autopost chain that: 1. starts from your blogs, 2. Pings RSS servers many times, 3. only goes through pubsubhubbubed networks.
  4. Make sure that ALL the URLs you created with your blogs end up on a public page that contains a RSS feed.
  5. Keep your tags throughout the process.
  6. Once the whole thing has been set up, it should be completely automated.
  7. Use time-saving blogging technics, and simplify the publishing process to the max to make it easy to use, even for the less talented intern.
  8. Use a grey-hat SEO software to spread some backlink love on your blogs’ content.

Figuring out this strategy, and setting it up, takes a couple of days, that is if you are already comfortable with the wide variety of Web 2.0 tools that exists out there, and if you are knowledgeable about how they fit into one another. I will be sharing more info about this strategy as I keep testing it, like the tools I use and the results it provides.

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