Should Oosah come back?

Two years ago, I wrote What happened to Oosah?, in reaction to the company’s Website sudden put on hold. Since then, I’ve received a fairly decent amount of traffic from search engines. Visitors are looking for the prematurely-vanished Oosah. Below are the stats for the past 90 days on the Oosah post on this blog:

OOSAH trafic stats hyveup 90days

If you ask me, Oosah should get back in the game. Obviously, there are still people looking for a way to handle all their Web-based media files from one easy-to-use interface. If Oosah had a lot of back-end issues, the front was rather good, with a windows-like folder-centered interface. I thought the idea was great, and if the development had been handled differently (I mean, those distribution widgets were terrible), maybe the service would still exist…

If there are ambitious developers out there, I think that the Oosah concept is still valid today, more than it was when it was created. In the meantime, I had embedded a poll in the blog post wondering where Oosah went, which asked visitors if they thought Oosah would ever come back. Well, let’s keep this poll going!

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