Social media needs to kill advertising

We should’t forget that all modern mass media was born with the money of advertisers, thus designed as advertising vehicles. If TV could not have sustained the mass consumption system, it would never have penetrated the living room of every home of the planet. If social media couldn’t fill the same purpose, it wouldn’t be standing constantly in the palm of our hand.

Modern online social environments are designed mainly for optimal ad placement. The whole goal of the user experience is to convert users into cash. Social networks couldn’t sustain themselves without a powerful advertising strategy. Social media already went through billions of dollars of R&D to enable a deep psychological tie with its users. Today, a lot of social media users are addicted.

A growing trend aims to draw back from the technology craze, unhook from the infinite stream of dopamine whiffs and reconnect with one’s natural self. I went through that phase. I am foreseeing that this early-adopter trend is going to go global in a few years, and by then, a new social network based on a different paradigm (not ad-centric) will draw the world wide web’s attention.

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