(page updated on March 2nd, 2015)

Online marketing professional since 2007. After graduating in social psychology (Toulouse, France) and in corporate communications (Paris, France), I did my last internship in San Francisco, CA, in an outsourcing software company. Being established in the epicenter of all things 2.0, I decided to start my professional life in the Social Media marketing arena, as a freelance worker.

2008-2010 : Freelance Social Media Marketing

logo HyveUpTo get noticed and sell to my target market, web startups, I created HyveUp, a blog (and also a company) that talked about new startups in the Silicon Valley: I offered video interviews to startup founders, I edited the videos and published them on the blog HyveUp. It demonstrated my skills and the benefits of my expertise (creating viral content + SEO).

After demonstrating my skills, I would offer web entrepreneurs my Social Media marketing services, which range from SEO, Social Media recommandations and bloggers’ relations.

2010-2013 : Reputation Squad: E-réputation, online reputation management agency

reputationsquadBack in Paris, I met with the 2 co-founders of Reputation Squad, and decided to join their effort. I worked almost 4 years with Reputation Squad, a time span during which the agency jumped from a one-employee status (me) to a team of 25 employees 4 years later.

This experience enabled me to consolidate my Social Media, blogging and SEO skills, and to operate for the account of famous brands, companies and celebrities. The diversity of clients I handled also allowed me to develop the appropriate pedagogy to walk our clients intothrough the realities of managing their digital brand.

2013-2015 : Repu7ation, online reputation management agency

repu7ationIn October 2013, I was hired by Repu7ation, a new “e-réputation” agency created by Image 7 and Rentabiliweb. Once again, I am the first employee of this newly-settled agency created by two leaders of the marketing and communications industry.

The agency was launched with a portfolio of prestigious clients, and with means superior to those of a classic startup. I was able to challenge my previously acquired knowledge and dedicate it to the definition of all the processes required for the good management of our clients’ online reputation : web monitoring, reputation measures, SEO and Social Media analysis, content strategy and creation. Surrounded by the best of the PR and online marketing industry, my experience with Repu7ation confirmed my expertise in this new field of e-réputation.