Twittertise, Craigslist For Twitter



The big question with the growing social network Twitter is: how can you make money with Twitter? (or how can Twitter save me money?) Advertising sounds like the best fit solution for this. Twittertise is not a tool to generate ad dollars through Twitter. Twittertise is a tool for advertisers (or brands) already present and active on Twitter through personal profiles. Twittertise enables them to schedule tweets (can be a tweet about a limited promotion), and track the effectiveness of the tweet (ie click-through rate). The video below is pretty self-explanatory.

In this train of thought, I feel like Twittertise is more of a classifieds system for Twitter: You post an ad that offers to connect around a specific type of item. No purchase of advertising space is required, so it is hard to call this advertising. However, the scheduling option – that we already see in Tweetlater – mixed with the tracking option – that we already see in – is a powerful combination that could find a lot of merit. Twittertise is owned and operated by Thursday LLC. Their Website was down when I visited it, so I don’t know what’s the story about the team.

Oosah Launches New Widgets For Craigslist, Twitter…



Oosah, the company that offers a 1 TB storage capacity for free to all users, is releasing today a new set of tools. Oosah’s primary concept is to create a place to manage our online hosted files (from Youtube, Facebook, Flickr…) in a desktop-like environment.

Instead of focusing on file syndication, Oosah’s new release focuses on content distribution.

Now, consumers will be able to show their favorite content from major sites and consolidate it into a single, linkable, shareable, embeddable widget without having to create an Oosah account. Oosahs can be embedded into blogs, websites, social networking pages, or e-mailed to friends.

I found this news to be interesting, so I went to and created a few widgets.

Youtube widget

I just wrote the name of my channel in a box, and selected which specific feed I want to appear in the slideshow, along with widget size and default color. Interestingly enough, you can also create a widget with the feed from your Twitter account. I am not really sure about the value that this might add, as the pics tapped in Twitter are low-rez, and the tweets embedded are totally out of context

Craigslists widget

The most interesting widget to my opinion is the Craigslist feed widget. Select any feed from the Craigslist classifieds, paste it on your Oosah widget creation page, and the all the items from the feed will appear on your widget

I really like the tools that oosah has to offer. There are quite a few downsides to the story though, which I hope the development team will fix. First, any of the widgets created above are not manageable. They are read-only, so if you just want to change the border color, you have to go through the widget creation process all over again (which is too bad because they have storage room).

I don’t quite see the point of the Twitter widget. Add a dialog box to interact with the users in the widget, and I’ll start to see opportunities.

Whatever feed I request for the Youtube widget, it serves me the same videos. Mmm, why oh why?

Regarding the Craigslist widget, the pictures should be processed and re-sized before being re-distributed in the widget. The products appearing in the widget have a severe case of pixelache.

The best for Oosah would be to make the widget creation wizard more flexible. As a content publisher, I feel frustrated by all the limits I come across when creating a widget. I don’t think Web users adopt a product because it has such and such tools integrated; I think we adopt a product because we can customize it to make it our own personal identifiable item. I look forward to find more of this on Oosah.

HyveUp – Ryan MacCarthy – Uloop


Uloop is the social marketplace for students: Buy, sell, trade, find a ride, a party, opinions on the psychology 101 teacher… Somehow very similar to Craigslist, Uloop is free and exclusively for students – .edu email address sine qua none – in a very ancient Facebook sort of way. Uloop thrives to become the kiosque of the university… Online.

Uloop started out in January 2007 at UC Santa Barbara. The company was founded by Corey Cleek, Mike Ho, Scott Lewis and Ryan MacCarthy. The Santa Barbara experience was such a success that the company expended to more than 50 university campuses, and still growing. Once a student signs up to Uloop, he gets access to all the classifieds posted for his university: Textbooks, roommates, carpools, parties, you name it, it’s there. The site is a 100% free for students, including posting classified ads. Just like Craigslist, the community manages the content on the site, and any inappropriate content can be flagged by the community.

“It’s a classified site for students at school who want to buy or sell […] things that are typical of a college environment,” MacCarthy said.

Advertisers pay to place classified ads. Uloop opened a self-service advertising platform where interested businesses can easily edit their ads and distribute them on Uloop. This makes it easy for the pizza place closest to campus to advertise about its Friday night special pricing, or its free delivery. Uloop creates job opportunities on campus. As Ryan MacCarthy mentions in the video, Uloop’s campus reps are what differentiate the company from the other classifieds site for students. Uloop’s reps are brand ambassadors: they are in charge of creating excitement around Uloop to push product adoption. Uloop lives through the dynamics of his reps’ creativity to find original means to reach out to their peers: Songs, pillow fights, class announcements, chalk graffiti, …

Since Uloop has deployed nationwide, they also offer guerilla marketing solutions for national brands. As mentioned in the video, Uloop worked with UPS, where campus reps would run around their campus handing out fliers and spreading the word that UPS was hiring. There aren’t so many companies who can offer brands such a powerful niche infiltration.

Uloop is the perfect example of a Web company that understands the need of offline marketing to catalyze users online. Campus reps do not only help Uloop grow, they are also part of Uloop’s advertising projects, and above all, they help their peers save hundreds of dollars on school-related expenses. On their resume, Uloop’s reps can show a significant marketing experience in a fast-growing company, before they even graduate.

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