Reply To Facebook Comments Via Email, At Last!

facebook comment reply email

facebook comment reply email

Today in the ‘yay!’ section, Facebook is announcing that users are finally able to reply to comments via email. Thus, no need to visit over and over again to partake to a discussion, everything happens from the email inbox.

Finally Sir Facebook, we’ve been patiently waiting for this one. For well over two years now, through email, I have been managing my blog’s comments via Disqus, and my Twitter’s followers and DMs via Topify. Facebook was irritating because I mostly handle emails on my mobile, and Facebook’s mobile site is heavy and lame.

Now that replies to comments via email have been enabled, it would be a good suggestion to enable the same for inmails. Unfortunately, those are not public, and it seems like privacy is not a concern for Facebook anymore…

Via The Next Web.

RateItAll: Taking Down The Fences Between An Opinion And A Review


RateItAll, the consumer-ratings engine, just released a pretty unique feature for posting reviews online. First and foremost, each item on RateItAll now comes with a unique email address. For example, if you would like to review this blog, simply send your review to this email address – – and RateItAll will automatically post it on HyveUp’s review page.

This is pretty useful if you want to encourage customers to rate your business: Writing a quick email is much more likely to happen then signing up to a Website to drop a quick review.

RateItAll goes an extra mile though, and releases another way to post reviews to RateItAll: Simply send reviews to, and the consumer-ratings engine does the rest:

If you don’t want to bother with the specific email addresses, you can send your review to Your review will post instantly, and again, we will send you a link to where you can see it. No login or registration required. The thing you are reviewing goes in the Subject Line (e.g. Ritual Roasters), and the rating and review go in the body.

rateitall email review

This tool is seriously taking down the fences between an opinion and a review. Any business could encourage their customers to send a review about the business they are at to Anyone with a cell phone could easily do that today. I think RateItAll just made online reviews easier than it’s ever been before!

How-to Twitter From Your Email Free

twitter email

twitter email

There are many reasons why you would want to re-route your twittering through your email inbox:

  • To syndicate your online activities in one manageable place
  • To avoid using annoying Twitter apps
  • To keep track of your Twitter communications in your communications center
  • For mobile use, email is easy to use
  • Because email is still the best personal communications tool so far

Watch the video below, it shows you how to set up everything to tweet with your inbox. Another solution is Twittergadget (for gmail), but this app, like others, will not transfer tweets into your inbox, it is merely an add-on to your inbox.

This tweak involves the use of, twitter search and twittermail.

If you do not like the twittermail idea (like you couldn’t like Twimailer‘s more robust solution either), then consider this tweak: Just get an account with Friendfeed. You can post to Friendfeed via email, and set up Friendfeed so that it re-routes your posts to Twitter. It’s less direct, but at least you depend on a much reliable company to send your tweets out for you.

RSS Feeds To Your Email Inbox

rss email

rss email

  • Feedmyinbox: Enter a URL, an email address, and voila. Simplicity to its best. You can create an account and manage your incoming feeds too. Feedmyinbox’ inconvenience is the lagging time between the time a post is published and the time it lands in your inbox: Sometimes it may take up to 24-48 hours. Usually, the discussion around a post is already dead by then.
  • can be used in a number of ways, but it is my preferred tool to be notified of new posts on sites I find important to follow. In dashboard, specify all the sources you wish to receive in your inbox, and it will send it to you. is way faster than Feedmyinbox, but it will only send you the first paragraph of a post. I personally don’t mind it, but maybe you will.
  • Feedburner: Feedburner lets you burn any feed you wish. Therefore, just burn the feed you wish to receive in your inbox, and use the email update feature to have this feed sent to your inbox. The process is much longer than Feedmyinbox, but if you are into a little RSS-to-email hacking plan, then Feedburner’s robust RSS technology could be a good friend.
  • Yahoo Pipes: Again, a little like Feedburner, setting up Yahoo pipes to send you RSS updates to your inbox will take a little more time than Feedmyinbox. But just like Feedburner, if you are into a little feed tweaking, then Yahoo Pipes is definitely your best choice!

    I think the best option out there used to be RSSFWD, but alas, it is no longer in service. I guess it was too good to be true. Know any other service? Please share in the comments.

  • HyveUp – Rodger Raderman – Veeker


    Last Friday, I met Rodger Raderman, the co-founder & chief marketing of I would like to thank him for giving me a full product demo of Veeker.

    Veeker made it as simple as abc to send a video message to friends, mainly through email. However, the mobile video and video sharing market is packed with ambitious players, which led Veeker to think out of the box to remain competitive.

    The main difference between Veeker and its competition lies in the messaging/channel paradigm. Instead of posting your videos for the whole world to see it like Youtube (channels), you send it directly to others. A flash widget does the rest of the job by carrying the videos around the Web.


    So when you sign up with Veeker, you get a single email address From the Veeker interface, you can forward it to somebody else’s Veeker account, or towards your own widget on Fb, Myspace, Blogger…

    veeker user dashboard


    Simply pick your videos in the interface and they will appear in your widgets. You can let everything flow with no moderation too, to make your videos go from your mobile phone straight to your Facebook profile.
    The widget is a skinnable player. Brands can easily design their widgets to suit their own graphic codes. A branded email address is part of the options.


    Educating people on one product is always a challenging head-scratcher. By partnering up with brands and other businesses, Veeker invites a wide audience to use its product. Veeker’s technology and sense of simplicity fits its partners’ needs.

    Partners may monetize their widget by selling some of its space to third party advertisers. Veeker offers analytics tools for partners to track the viral actions of the widget.


    I thought the less attractive part was about moderating incoming content. The content management tool is great, but nothing tells you what to keep and what to throw away. While the Veeker engine runs smoothly, I would include more semantic power to get a more automated content processing tool.

    However, Veeker is still beefing up its tools. Some of the things that will be coming are access to professional accounts for consumers (bloggers), more partners to fully exploit the potential of Veeker, and the most interesting is an in-house advertising service to turn Veeker into a one-stop shop for mobile video marketing needs.