Friendfeed Inflates Feedburner’s Subscribers’ Count

friendfeed followers count

I recently discovered that your Frienfeed subscribers’ counter has a direct impact on your Feedburner’s subcribers’ counter. As you can see below, I have linked a fresh new blog to my friendfeed account, and created a Feedburner URL for the blog’s feed. The results are pretty conclusive: The blog suddenly got a a surge of subscribers (compare to its 0 average), and the feedcount is almost equal to my number of subscribers on Friendfeed:

friendfeed followers countfeedburner friendfeed feedcounter

Why does this saddens me? The Feedburner subscribers’ count gives a fairly good clue on the influence one blog has. Knowing that you can pump up your RSS subscribers’ count by following a ton-load of people on Friendfeed for follow-backs makes it flaky. When I mentioned it to someone I collaborate with, his reaction was: “That’s stupid, it’s like counting Twitter followers as RSS subscribers!” I’m not sure if I agree or disagree actually. Is an official RSS reader subscribers more valuable than a Twitter subscribers? Quite frankly, I’d like to see numbers to be convinced. What do you think?

Gizapage: Build A White Label Social Media Hub For Your Brand



Gizapage, the service that lets you stack all your social profiles in one URL, is taking things to the next level. Today, the company is announcing a couple of new features that aim to make Gizapage a more attractive product for Social Media marketers and bloggers alike. Aside from Gizapage, the hub best known on the Web to gather social profiles is Friendfeed. However, as its name mentions, Friendfeed only feeds you with your friends’ activities, but it does not give front and center exposure to your social profiles and those of your friends. Plus Friendfeed has been acquired by Facebook, so it would not be surprising to see the Website shut in the coming months.

Gizapage gathers all social profiles into separate tabs accessible from one Web page. In through the tabs, visitors have access to all the original features of each social network. So what is new at Gizapage?

Custom Link

gizapage tab friendfeed

First and foremost, my favorite new feature is the Direct-to-profile custom Gizalink, which means in plain English that I can link to my Youtube profile simply by adding “youtube” to the end of my Gizapage URL: This feature is an excellent move because it makes putting a Gizapage link up on your site almost the equivalent as linking directly to a specific social profile.

One reason one might want to use Gizapage instead is to suggest more social profiles while promoting a specific one.


gizapage analytics

Another argument for using a Gizapage profile is that the company is rolling out upgraded analytics for users, enabling brands and bloggers to get a glimpse at their social traffic. This traffic measuring tool should satisfy a great number of Social Media marketers looking to put an accurate number on the results of their actions. Unless they use indirect means to infer visits on their social profiles, marketers have no way to calculate the traffic they generate on social profiles.

By combining the direct-to-profile link with the analytics tool, linking to a Twitter profile within Gizapage could become more interesting than linking directly to it.


Aren’t visitors driven away by a site that doesn’t look like what they are expecting to find (you click on a Twitter link and land on some unknown site)? Probably. To fend this off, Gizapage is adding another feature to its social Web gizmo: a Gizapage profile is now fully customizable, from the background to the URL. This way, visitors might not recognize the Twitter design in the Gizapage tab, but they will identify the Website’s name, design and URL they were on.

Gizapage started with a really simple plan: Bring all social profiles in one spot. Today, Gizapage’s upgrade gives marketers and bloggers more control over their social traffic. I do not know how Gizapage is optimized for SEO, but there is a fun tweak you can do with tabs. In Gizapage, you give the name you want to tabs (I called my Twitter tab “status” for example). The direct-to-profile link feature uses tab names to find a specific tab. Thus, to link to a Twitter profile, which I called “status”, I go With a branded URL, I could have Think of the possibilities…

Will Facebook/Friendfeed Build The Cross-Platform Conversation Technology Of The Future?

Facebook twitter auto update

I finally created a Facebook Page for HyveUp, and I learned two tricks I think are essential: How to auto-update a Facebook page with a blog’s RSS feed, and how to auto-post the Facebook page updates directly to Twitter. I’ll explain the RSS trick in a Screencast Pro video later, but I think I don’t need to bother explaining how the Facebook-to-Twitter automation works since it’s really easy to find and activate:

If Facebook can pick up my blog articles, and post them to Twitter, then I don’t need Twitterfeed or Friendfeed anymore. That is a funny thought because I am replacing Friendfeed with Facebook, and Facebook bought Friendfeed (for $50 millions), so I am not really leaving Friendfeed for Facebook.

Of course, I don’t use Facebook the same way I was using Friendfeed… At least that’s what I thought until Facebook started to post my blog updates… I never thought Facebook would ever be in my Web 2.0 loop of automated services, I always pictured it as a walled garden. But now I picture Facebook as able to do unexpected moves. Here is what Friendfeed had that Facebook could integrate:

  • The post-to-Twitter tool (check)
  • The threaded real-time conversations (probably the priority in this acquisition)
  • The social networks syndication (not a word about it yet)

So is Facebook after your online social activities? Will we soon see in our Facebook dashboard what the picture below shows? I say yes!

Facebook friendfeed syndicate

I say yes because Facebook already shares a lot with other social networks through the Facebook Connect feature. Unfortunately for developers, there is not a way to make discussions happen simultaneously between a Website and Facebook. Every time you are doing something outside of Facebook, you have to manually share your activity on Facebook, and if someone on Facebook reacts to this activity, it won’t be posted on the original site.

If you ask me, that is exactly what the Friendfeed team was hired for: To enable simultaneous conversations across social networks, but with Facebook at the center of it all, of course!

UPDATE: Techcrunch talks about Tornado, what seems to be the first piece of the puzzle.

Power Up Your Twitter With Friendfeed

friendfeed twitter

friendfeed twitter

Twitter is on a roll, no doubt about that. A mass of newcomers is signing up, ready to try the service that gets so much buzz. Twitter is easy to sign up. On the other end, answering the question “what are you doing?” is a bit confusing when someone never had this kind of relationship before with a machine.

The best solution I have found to share more on Twitter is the Friendfeed-to-Twitter publishing feature. With this activated, you don’t just bookmark a page on delicious, you let your followers know what you are reading. You don’t just drop a comment with Disqus, you’re letting others know what discussions you are in right now:

  • Yelp: what you’re eating
  • Youtube: what you’re watching<
  • Blogger: what you’re writing
  • Facebook: who you’re talking with

This trick to tweet more often is not new. The advantage with Friendfeed is its close-to-real-time communication with Twitter. 2 things are not that cool: the url-shortening service is, aka friendfeed’s, and I think the look of it all over your Twitter stream makes it look a bit like a big spam. Also, not all services fully opened up their API to other partner, meaning it will sometime take a while for a review on Yelp to appear on your Twitter stream for example.

Oprah Castrates Micro-Celebrities On Twitter, Welcome To Friendfeed

oprah twitter

Today, Oprah is going live on Twitter (my favorite coverage on the Inquisitr). That same day, Ashton Kutcher reaches 1 million users. Oh wait, there was a bug in the system, the whole thing was set up. In other words, a great day for Twitter, but the day that the early-adopters will start to leave the twittershpere for good.

Actually, leaving Twitter is not the right term to use, as passive twittering is always possible (something I have been doing for the past few months). But until recently, tech micro-celebrities were leading the Twitter leaderboard, and this is not the case anymore (scobleizer, 80,000 followers, pfff). No more geek egotrip potential in Twitter, Oprah is bringing the facts back on the table.

Now for us, early party-goers, softcore socialites, the attention is on Friendfeed (well for some of us the attention has been on Friendfeed for quite a while). Friendfeed is a nice getaway from twitter because:

So do you feel castrated by the mainstreamization of Twitter? Then head over to Friendfeed: You’ll find the same robust search features you have on twitter, it’s real-time too, the founders are active users and listeners, and no one bothers to know how many follower you have (I guess only Friendfeed uses that data internally). It’s always better to be a big fish in a small pond, right?