Youtube tests iframe embeds

youtube iframe embed

Since I started Web-publishing, I have always heard that iframes are not a recommended solution for your Website: For some reason, they were evil, and the W3C was not approving its use as a “best practice”. I would hear that search engines crawlers hated it too.

Well, things might be changing up in here. First, a few weeks back, we could read on Inside Facebook that Facebook was actually moving away from FBML and closer to iframes. If the number one Website in the world starts to use iframes massively, I think we will all start to re-consider the W3C stand towards iframes.

Recently, Youtube has also started to test iframes for its embeds. Hence, instead of a javascript, Youtube also suggests its users to grab an iframe to embed a video wherever they want on the Web. Facebook, then Youtube, it’s already half the Web that’s turning towards iframes.

Personally, I have always had trust in iframes. The element in the sidebar of this blog is an iframe (it’s even iframes in an iframe). When you come to think about it, iframes are probably more reliable than javascript, because they can run on a javascript-disabled Webpage, and I have a feeling that iframes are just lighter and more universal than javascript embeds.

Friendconnect, Google Reader, Blogger, All In One Blogger Gadget

Blogger bloglist reader

blogger logo

Blogger just celebrated its ten year anniversary, and promised that a lot of goodness would start popping up in the gadgets section. That’s good news, since Blogger’s gadgets section pretty much sucks. Change is on its way, mostly thanks to Bloggerbuster: Bloggerbuster specializes in building Blogger gadgets, and shares tips on customizing your Blogger experience. Thanks to this third-party developer, Blogger now has a decent library of gadgets with elegant designs:

Recent posts, recent comments, Twitter updates, Twitpic updates, Flickr updates, Picasa updates, Google Calendar event-sharing, and my personal favorite that I still need to figure out a way to best use it: Twitter personalized real-time updates. Bloggerbuster is not Blogger’s only blessing. With a little digging in the gadgets directory, I found a Friendconnect/Reader/Blogger powered gadget that I just have to share here: The ‘blog list’ gadget.

The Blog list enables you to “show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs”. In the gadget settings, to add your friends’ blogs, you can enter the blogs by their url, or you can select from the list of blogs you follow through Google Friendconnect:

Blogger bloglist follow

Tell me this isn’t the easiest way to build a blogroll! The only flaw is that nobody uses Friendconnect to follow blogs because nobody understands yet how it works. Say no more, if you do not use Friendconnect, but have a Google Reader account, you can also select blogs from the blogs you are subscribed to:

Blogger bloglist reader

Once you created a blogroll, it generates a folder in your Google Reader that track the feeds from the blogs in the blogroll. Quite interesting!

Boost Your Twitter’s Virality With This Blog Widget

Twittercounter widget

In the series of cool widgets to promote your site through Twitter, I think I have found a number one. This widget below from Twittercounter is pretty straightforward: It shows which Twitter users last visited your site, and by hovering over it, it enables you to do two things:

  1. write to me directly to let me know that you are on my site,
  2. tweet your presence on my site to let others know what you are reading when you are reading it.

Here it is, feel free to play around with it and get your own 🙂

Freddy Mini On Netvibes And Individuals’ Personal Information


I visited the Netvibes‘ office a few weeks ago to interview the CEO Freddy Mini. As usual, when there is something I like in the interview, but I know it is not going to make through the editing, I quickly render it and post it on HyveUp.

In this part of the interview, I asked Freddy Mini if Netvibes could offer a similar service that PageOnce offers. This question came to my mind simply because the two companies have a product that looks very similar (a page with a bunch of widgets basically), even though the service they offer is completely different.

I find his answer extremely interesting, and very related to where Netvibes is probably heading towards: Becoming a trusted provider of distributed content for organizations and individuals alike.

Netvibes is creating this trust by building an extremely transparent and open-source content distribution technology. Instead of pushing individuals to share their personal information with Netvibes on their site, the company opens up its platform for organizations to adopt their technology and make individuals’ personal information available through their widget solutions. The whole thing is still very conceptual I think, and maybe this is not the direction that Netvibes is heading towards. But it makes an awful lot of sense to me.

Dijit – Free Multimedia Widget

I am always interested in widgets when it comes to playing videos inside them. Personally, I am very demanding in terms of functions and design. That is why when Dijit started following me on Twitter, I signed up for the private beta right away.

I liked what I saw. It doesn’t suit my personal needs, but basically, the widget displays a small library of pics, videos and music.

I really like the instant play feature, which makes me suspect that they pre-load the media when a widget is called. I also like a lot the video that expands to the size of the widget. Really cool! The button send2phone is interesting: If you like one of the files that is playing, click send2phone, enter a phone number (yours, a friend’s), and click ok. The catch: $2.99 for the video I was watching (meaning prices may vary). But don’t worry, you pay only if you reply yes to the text message it sends you.

I am not such a fan of the pay for mobile model, but at least this is a widget with a straight-forward revenue stream.

I think this widget would perfectly fit the need of Oosah. Oosah is the Website that lets you manage your multimedia from a variety of different sources (Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Myspace) in a desktop-like interface. I kinda criticized Oosah when they launched their line of widgets, simply because they developed a nice content management infrastructure, and added some of the worst distribution tools to it. I see synergy there.

Talking about widgets, Sprout just announced they were getting rid of free accounts, jumping from free to $50/month. Wow!