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Last Friday, I met Rodger Raderman, the co-founder & chief marketing of Veeker.com. I would like to thank him for giving me a full product demo of Veeker.

Veeker made it as simple as abc to send a video message to friends, mainly through email. However, the mobile video and video sharing market is packed with ambitious players, which led Veeker to think out of the box to remain competitive.

The main difference between Veeker and its competition lies in the messaging/channel paradigm. Instead of posting your videos for the whole world to see it like Youtube (channels), you send it directly to others. A flash widget does the rest of the job by carrying the videos around the Web.


So when you sign up with Veeker, you get a single email address @veeker.com. From the Veeker interface, you can forward it to somebody else’s Veeker account, or towards your own widget on Fb, Myspace, Blogger…

veeker user dashboard


Simply pick your videos in the interface and they will appear in your widgets. You can let everything flow with no moderation too, to make your videos go from your mobile phone straight to your Facebook profile.
The widget is a skinnable player. Brands can easily design their widgets to suit their own graphic codes. A branded email address is part of the options.


Educating people on one product is always a challenging head-scratcher. By partnering up with brands and other businesses, Veeker invites a wide audience to use its product. Veeker’s technology and sense of simplicity fits its partners’ needs.

Partners may monetize their widget by selling some of its space to third party advertisers. Veeker offers analytics tools for partners to track the viral actions of the widget.


I thought the less attractive part was about moderating incoming content. The content management tool is great, but nothing tells you what to keep and what to throw away. While the Veeker engine runs smoothly, I would include more semantic power to get a more automated content processing tool.

However, Veeker is still beefing up its tools. Some of the things that will be coming are access to professional accounts for consumers (bloggers), more partners to fully exploit the potential of Veeker, and the most interesting is an in-house advertising service to turn Veeker into a one-stop shop for mobile video marketing needs.

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