Auctomatic acquired by Live Current

I was kind of surprised this morning to read this news. Here is the main motivation behind such an early acquisition of Auctomatic explained by Kulveer Taggar:

Our plan was to eventually launch a mechanism for our sellers to directly sell to their customers, be it through eBay, their own stores, Google and eventually other trading sites. Working with Live Current lets us realize this plan much earlier than we could have hoped for.

It seems that the guys from Auctomatic need more action than what they were already getting.

On top of that, Auctomatic can be proud of this specific acquisition. At Live Current, which owns and operates some of the most engaging content and commerce destinations on the Internet, a lot of things have been remodeled to accommodate Auctomatic. The site was actually named until… today: today announced it is now operating as “Live Current Media Inc.” pending shareholder approval later this year[…]Live Current’s properties combined with the foundational capabilities Auctomatic brings to the company enables us to deliver on our strategy of providing the next evolution of consumer Internet experiences,” said Geoffrey Hampson, Live Current CEO. “We own some of the most popular names on the Internet which we will turn into destination sites for consumers globally.

I don’t how much Auctomatic was valued and acquired for, but this is a great news for the team. Good luck for your integration to Live Current and Congratulations!

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