Effortless Ad Optimization For Publishers – Paul Edmondson, YieldBuild

If you are a freelance ad networks specialist, don’t tell your client about YieldBuild, because if you are a client hiring a freelance ad networks specialist, you’re going to replace him with YieldBuild. Launched in public beta in November 2008, YieldBuild is the new ad manager/optimizer for small and large online publishers.


YieldBuild has built an automated platform that turns the crazy space of online ads upside down. First the system syndicates your accounts with several other ad networks under one roof: Each time a page from your Website is called, it scans those networks and pulls the ad that has the most profitable likeliness.

YieldBuild doesn’t stop there: The automated service also selects the ad layout (size & color) that is the most likely to drive clicks. At the end of the day, log on to your YieldBuild account, and get detailed analytics on how YieldBuild has been working for you: impressions, ads served, CTR, geodata, networks utilized…

For larger publishers, YieldBuild is a great way to fight unsold ad spaces. For smaller publishers, YieldBuild is simply a great effortless tool to turn pennies into dimes.

The two other companies in this space are Pubmatic and Rubicon Project. YieldBuild grew out of Hubpages, an easy to use blogging platform with a built-in (YieldBuild) content monetization system. As the ad optimizer proved to be successful, Yieldbuild spun off to expand to other publishing platforms.

YieldBuild is not free (not expensive either): After a 30-day trial, the company will start retaining a 3% commission of the total impressions it served on your site. Paul Edmondson, the CEO of YieldBuild, seemed confident about his company’s growth. Hubpages is already one of the most popular sites on the Web, the perfect success story to feed the growth of a promising ad server.

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