Paypal Hell – Paypal Is Stealing Me Softly

Here is the follow-up to the first post I wrote – Paypal Hell – How Paypal Won’t Give Me My Money – about Paypal and how they just don’t care about their (premium) customers.

The only way I found to explain my atypical case to someone was to write a letter, as follows thereunder, and submit it to the document uploader on Paypal’s site, the tool I’m supposed to use to submit the proof of address that I do not have:

In a very short amount of time, I received a very unsatisfying reply from the Paypal staff (translated from French):

We have received your explanations.

Unfortunately, if you cannot submit a proof of address with a French address on it, the access to your Paypal account will remain limited. According to our TOS, the money sitting on your Paypal account will be blocked for 180 DAYS starting the day we blocked your account. The money is blocked in case we need to cover for some potential disputes regarding this account. You will be able to contact us after the day dd/mm/yy (I’m not hiding the date, this is as they wrote it) to obtain information on what is left of your account balance.

Let us know if you have additional information to communicate to us.

Paypal Customer Service
Paypal, Ebay Group

I am speechless. I am telling them everything, and they don’t care. Plus their stupid fraud control is obviously going to cost them money, hem cost me money. Ripping me off. I trusted you Paypal. You failed me.

The other funny (errr, figure of speech) part is that they keep sending me emails requiring that I provide the documents they are requiring. Don’t they have what we call a CRM system?

In the meantime, I am starting to explore Google Checkout to see if I can get the same kind of services Paypal offers. I know Google doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of customer service, but I trust this brand (more than I trust Paypal and Ebay, thanks to none other but Paypal itself) and all of my online and mobile activities evolve around Google anyway.

Thanks for nothing Paypal. You made me hate you for life. I’ll keep writing about you here as I’ve noticed Google is starting to send me a few visitors when they search for your name. hehe, evil me!

For those really curious to hear more bad stuff about Paypal, there’s It’s maintained by a Paypal competitor that looks kind of shady to me, but it’s funny to read.