Adds A Bar, Slowly Killing The Traditional RSS Reader is this awesome tool that lets you grab any RSS feed and decide on which medium you want that feed: email, chat, SMS, or’s Air app. Today, as usual, sends me an info that I care about, so I click along and land on this:

notify me bar

The URL, of course, is a shortener ( Once you log in, the bar becomes a dashboard with a few basic feed management options.

notify me bar signin

Digg’s move definitely created a micro-craze around bars and url shorteners. Everyone’s got his own, literally. With bars and shorteners, you can:

  • Increase your traffic (significantly)
  • Get extra insights on traffic analytics
  • Develop your brand

SO what is’s plan? The company’s blog does not mention anything… A Google search is vain. In other words, we don’t know where is going with this yet. However, it is not hard to match this new addition to their latest integration. A little more social integrations and could become a RSS reader killer. Why? Because is a RSS reader without the hassle of the RSS reader. Users get their feeds through their existing communications outlets, and the bar adds those social features needed to interact around content. Why bother going to a place where my news are, when it can all come to me?’s RSS model is definitely easier, and has the potential to bring RSS to a broader crowd. Tech geeks will stick to RSS readers, but the rest of the Web might just like’s simplicity.

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