Demandbase: Get An Alert For B2B Qualifed Leads On Your Site

demandbase upgrade

Demandbase, the rising demand generation company, has just announced a new key feature to one of its products that I find pretty revolutionizing for the online marketing space:

Available today, the latest version of Demandbase Stream will now automatically send you a Web Alert when a company visits your web site and views a minimum number of web pages. You can then click on View Alerts to see details about the company, what pages they viewed to understand their interests, select and email the appropriate business contacts right from Stream. (via email)

Demandbase is a Web-based Software that provides extremely rich data about professionals visiting your Website. By tapping into a wide variety of trusted sources, Demandbase will give you the name of your visitor (not always that sharp), company name, traffic analytics, and all the contact info you need to follow up with that visitor. Demandbase Stream, the product mentioned in the announcement above, is Demandbase’s desktop component (an adobe Air app), that displays visitors’ data tinker-style.

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