AOL Bings Mapquest?

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So it seems that AOL is going under a lot of downsizing! The once leader in Internet connectivity is now struggling to prevent its legs from shattering under the weight of the products it manages.

Yesterday, Kara Swisher from All Things Digital wrote a post mentioning that AOL is probably trying to get rid of Mapquest (as well as Bebo), and that it could be a great opportunity for Microsoft to buy it and kill Google Maps’ domination in the process:

Purchasers of the service that provides mapping and directions, sources said, are likely to be other mapping giants, especially Microsoft (MSFT).

But it is not clear if the software giant or anyone would fork over a huge sum of money for MapQuest.

That would include the $1.1 billion in stock that AOL paid for MapQuest in 1999.

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