Youtube Says Farewell To Link-to-Blog Feature

youtube settings blogsetup stop

youtube settings blogsetup stop

The “link to blog” feature will be taken down soon (picture above). Here is the explanation from the Youtube team:

We routinely review the usage of YouTube features in order to make sure we’re focusing our engineering effort on the most popular and used aspects of the site. If a feature has low community usage, we may choose to retire the feature in favor of focusing on other more popular features.

We will soon be retiring the ability to add and link to a blog from your YouTube Account.

It seems that between the possibility to embed videos, and the option to autoshare your activity on other social networks, the link to blog feature has become totally obsolete. I am not really surprised: This soon-gone feature was convenient for easy blog-posting, but there was no way to control the title or tags of the published post, so in other words, this feature sucked, and it won’t be missed. Youtube also needs to remove the clutter on its settings page, so it’s two birds in one shot for the video company.

The Selective Twitter Status Application Evolves

Selective tweets logo

To duplicate your Twitter updates automatically onto Facebook you have two pretty nice applications out there: the Selective Twitter Status and Smart Twitter. I will go over the Smart Twitter application later, and focus on some new gears I found inside the Selective Twitter App since I covered it about a year ago.

First, just like the Smart Twitter app, the Selective Twitter status application has an option to install the app for your profile or for your professional page. This is pretty cool considering that you probably don’t have the same communications needs for those two types of pages.

Originally, the idea of the Selective Twitter Status app was only to post the Twitter updates that contained the hashtag #fb to Facebook. However, as you can see below, this basic feature evolved a bit:

selective twitter settings

Now, you can put the #fb hashtag anywhere in the tweet. You can also insert a prefix, and a link to your Twitter profile. I am not a big fan of duplicating my Twitter tream onto Facebook. However, I really like to publish links on my pages that I source on Twitter. I personally use Hootsuite to post from Twitter to Facebook, but this app could be a better fit for some of you out there.

How-to Update Your Facebook Page with Your Blog’s RSS Feed Automatically

facebook automate

facebook automate

I recently started to re-focus my attention on the marketing potential of Facebook, and created a Fan Page for my blog to experiment with the features of a Page. What stroke me right away is that using your RSS feed to update your Facebook Page is not that easy to do. There are probably a dozen ways to do this, but here is the one way I adopted, and I can’t complain about it:

First you will need to create a profile for your blog on NetworkedBlogs. NetworkedBlogs is THE application to hook your blog to Facebook and have access to cool features. I actually created the HyveUp’s profile on NetworkedBlogs quite a while ago when the application was still called Blog Networks.

One of the new nifty features of NetworkedBlogs is the automatic blog-to-Page functionality:

networkedblogs hyveup page

Once you click on the “Pages” link on the top right, it will take you to a page where, out of the list of the blogs you follow on NetworkedBlogs, you will check your blog in the column ‘Publish to wall and show on tab’.

networkedblogs publish parameters

Once you did that, make sure to scroll down the page (if you have a long list of blogs you are following), grant permission to the NetworkedBlogs application to access your page, and save.

You are now good to go. A first update on your page will appear saying something like ‘Importing blog feed using NetworkedBlogs’. Give it an hour or two, and next time you publish a blog post, it will automatically update your Facebook page!

Youtube Adds Autoshare, Pings Twitter, Facebook… And Google Reader?

youtube autoshare google reader

Youtube‘s agility and pertinence keep stunning me. Today, I noticed this when opening the upload page :

Youtube upload autoshare

For starters, Friendfeed just lost one unique feature: Linking Youtube to Twitter.

Also, I can’t help but link this new addition to the Android’s recent release of video uploads to Youtube through the Android app. This means that anyone can upload videos to Youtube while on the go, share it automatically, and receive feedbacks through Twitter. Well, anyone could do this if Twitter offered @myname email alerts: Then it would be easily accessible and widely used.

I love that Facebook is there too! I have a personal Youtube channel, so hooking this channel up to my Facebook stream is going to spare me the effort of sharing the link on Facebook after it’s done uploading.

I think this is a small step for the dev team, but a big one towards networks’ interconnectedness. The thing with video is that you start the upload, and then you have time to write a post about a new autosharing feature before it is done uploading and transcoding. Now, Youtube pings you and your friends (unless you set the video on private) when the video is ready to watch.

To optimize your video visibility on Twitter, write the video title as if it was a tweet to someone. Or use a hashtag to index your video directly in a category. So much to be done !

On the other end, I have yet to see what Google Reader sharing is. I imagine it appears as a shared item in my friends’ feeds, but I don’t see the point of that. My friends don’t accept to follow my content on Google Reader, they accept to follow the content I share. I like this though because it is a little hint on how Google is trying to make people connect around items on the Web (aka build a Google social network): through Google Reader (and iGoogle by extension, I imagine).

A little research on the Web did not pulled back any explanation for Google Reader: ReelSEO
Inside Facebook

Update: The Google Reader autoshare feature places your latest videos in your shared items:

youtube autoshare google reader

Again, I don’t find this really relevant, but maybe it will be when Friendconnect will centralize the social structure around Google products…

Power Up Your Twitter With Friendfeed

friendfeed twitter

friendfeed twitter

Twitter is on a roll, no doubt about that. A mass of newcomers is signing up, ready to try the service that gets so much buzz. Twitter is easy to sign up. On the other end, answering the question “what are you doing?” is a bit confusing when someone never had this kind of relationship before with a machine.

The best solution I have found to share more on Twitter is the Friendfeed-to-Twitter publishing feature. With this activated, you don’t just bookmark a page on delicious, you let your followers know what you are reading. You don’t just drop a comment with Disqus, you’re letting others know what discussions you are in right now:

  • Yelp: what you’re eating
  • Youtube: what you’re watching<
  • Blogger: what you’re writing
  • Facebook: who you’re talking with

This trick to tweet more often is not new. The advantage with Friendfeed is its close-to-real-time communication with Twitter. 2 things are not that cool: the url-shortening service is, aka friendfeed’s, and I think the look of it all over your Twitter stream makes it look a bit like a big spam. Also, not all services fully opened up their API to other partner, meaning it will sometime take a while for a review on Yelp to appear on your Twitter stream for example.